Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hup Hup Hupt Hap-py Birfday!

Did you get the Cinderella reference? I do love me some Gus Gus. Disney movie lines like that people. It's a gift.

Today is my Golden Birthday, I'm 30! I've been waiting for this birthday all my life. True of every birthday I suppose, but this one I've planned since I figured out what a Golden Birthday was.

It's different than I thought it would be, but better. There's no outrageous black tie gold event, (ever mention I'm a fan of old 40's movies?) but I've figured out who I want to be and I'm working hard to get there. I say if it only took me to 30, maybe I'm not entirely late to the party afterall.

My family surprised me with a grown up dinner at a fancy restaurant last Saturday. And I don't mean it was fancy just because there was no drive through. I'm talking Fancy Schmancy! It was the first birthday party I've had in 7 years. It was one of those nights you want to go on and on and keep with you, locked up tight in your heart. They gave me a pair of gold earrings and a gold ring, with an open heart. Do you remember what my necklace says? "If your heart is open it can never stay broken."

Here's to ruining my diet with full force and to the next 30.

Say it With Me C-A-K-E,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Up For Air

So I got paid yesterday and couldn't for the life of me figure out where all the money went. The ironic humor that it was April 15th was not lost on me.

I paid the bills I could and tried to be grateful for what was left, even though it was not enough. I was too tired to fight it out in my head or with a calculator. I went to bed praying His grace would indeed be sufficient.

What to my wondering eyes should appear today but my check stub (I have direct deposit) and on it is the missing piece - $145 was put, BY ME, into my flex plan for day care. With a V8 smack to my forehead I am grateful to still be hanging onto the edge, as opposed to being thrown over it.

God is good. And flex plans aren't for dummies.


PS, I miss you, all of you out here in the blogosphere. I will try to come up for air more often. Weeks like this makes me feel like I'm held below the water, but dang I'm grateful His mercies are new every morning, Amen? Love, C~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In My Spare Time

Think it's too late to learn how to do this?

No, Seriously.