Friday, November 27, 2009

Bestie Trip

Has it seriously been a month since I posted? ::waving hand:: Miss you! Lest you think I've been crying in my pillow, fear not. I actually put my big girl britches on and got to livin again. Enough is enough. I haven't been able to blog because my laptop is reduced to a fancy solitaire machine. No volume, no internet, and the battery is a joke too. When I can borrow my stepbrother's laptop, and sleep doesn't tip the scale, I'll be here. Santa, if you're listening....

My sister and I took a road trip to see Sam Bradley and Bobby Long play and had more fun than I remembered how to. If they're in your area, GO!

Kat and me (pay no attention to the random guy checkin her out!)Sam and KatMe and BobbyHe plays the most beautiful guitar I've ever seenShe's my Bestie.I learned a lot as we drove. (and drove and drove) This is probably a given, but road trippin with your bestie is a whole different experience than with 3 little ones and a spider. And watching the shows? It was almost a spiritual experience. I've never seen musicians like this; the music poured out of them. I may or may not have had a fan girl moment when we got in the car.

This is not everyday life, but it was a spectacular weekend. It's possible, I'm finding, to embrace both halves of myself. Mom and Me. Because I'm both. I've been starving half for a long time, in an effort to boost the other. Turns out I was crippling both. Last year I survived. This year I intend to thrive.

I was dreading Thanksgiving all week, but I came home on Wednesday night to Chex Mix and all of a sudden there it was, a spark I thought was doused. I've been fighting Christmas, X gets my children again this year (long story), but this morning as I drank peppermint coffee on the front porch, there it was, an ember.

I love it when God gets pushy with me for my own good. If snacks and coffee can bring sparks and embers, He alone will certainly bring the bonfire. I'll bring dreams and the marshmallows.



Forgotten Katalyst said...

It certainly was a trip to remember. Not just because of the fabulous musicians we saw and met, but because we got to spend some honest to goodness girlie time together. I can't wait to do it again!! Love you!

Kieliszeks said...

Its not always easy to give it all up and let him take over but boy when you do theres nothing better!

RockWallaby said...

Hey girl. Was getting worried about you. Glad the issues were with your laptop and not you.
I've a feeling 2010 is going to be your year to shine!

Sara said...

Love what you said "I love it when God gets pushy..."
Sometimes that brat in me just needs a good dose of reality.
I have to tell you, you look BEAUTIFUL in those pictures! Your long grogeous hair, and the blue looks STUNNING on you. I'm with RockWallaby, you already ARE shining! Hugs!

forever folding laundry said...

What a great trip - and you are looking *cute* these days!! Woot-woo!

I'm glad the sparks and embers and starting to flare....


imbeingheldhostage said...

God does get pushy, but he's slippin' in little moments for you to treasure along the way. Isn't that cool?

So glad you had such a great weekend-- you should make more!

(and if you're looking for company while X has the kids, I have a spare room and a great place for sightseeing)