Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Big Red!

"So you all want to buy a tv, right?" he said. And we laughed, the 30+ of us standing around the television in Costco, watching the last 25 seconds of the Badger game's 4th quarter this afternoon.There was a collective groan as Fresno state tied the game, and a rush to the checkout lines. We tuned the radio into the game driving home - collective cheer as the Badgers won 34-31 in double overtime - Woot!

Go! Big! Red!


SuperAunt said...

I was watching the game from work. Wow!!!! One down (Badgers) and one to go (Packers)!!!!!!

Maxwell Streetsmarts said...

I'm not commenting. Cuz I'm a follower

Sara@i.Sass said...

There is nothing like:
A baby's first cry.
A soft summer rain.
The first snow of winter.
The smell of a bonfire.
The laughter of your child(ren).
A hug.
and a FOOTBALL game like that!
Double Woot Woot!

jubilee said...

"Go Big Red" can be heard in our state too on college game day.