Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out of Egypt

I am being taught not to worry. It's different than being told not to worry; it is humbling. Over and over again this week as I have cried out to the Lord, He has reminded me He does not need my help... and then exceeds my expectations.

Christmas night I was on my knees, face on the floor, praying, crying, begging for help. I only had 2 people lined up to help me load the U-Haul and a house full of stuff that wasn't even going to fit into it. A dear friend came out to help me sort through the wedding totes and baby clothes, both of which I'd dreaded doing alone. Bright and early I called U-Haul; not only did they have a bigger truck, it cost less money than my smaller one. A friend from choir came to help me get the truck I had no idea how to drive... unbeknown to me, he drives trucks for a living.

And then, people just kept showing up! Never in all my life have I moved so smoothly. There were people packing, people loading, people cooking, people cleaning. Don't worry, Carolynn, I got this.

My family was delayed a day from coming up to get me because there was too much fog. There was too much fog because of a freak heat wave! It was 40 something degrees while the truck was being loaded. May not sound that warm, but it was a seventy degree difference from the week before. You can not tell me He was not there. He was showing off! Showing off His love and provision for me.

We got the truck down to Wisconsin, unloaded it and I turned around and went back to Minnesota for my children. I was so fearful X wouldn't give them to me without a fight. But he needed them picked up early, so he could move the rest of his things out of our old house. So what if I had a 6 hours drive in the snow? We came HOME today.

Home, to family. To Chex Mix and Cake. To grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Home to My Father's House, in so many ways. I cannot describe how exhausted I am, but I haven't been this happy in a long, long time.

I've got a to do list a mile long for 2009, but I'm excited about every bit of it. The only thing to wrap up from '08 is signing the decree. We are so close to true freedom. The Lord has brought us out of Egypt and into the promised land. Now the key is not to wander around for the next 40 years.

Who the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36) When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. (Isaiah 43:2)

Nothing Is Impossible For Him,


Rach@In His Hands said...

Celebrating with you today! HE truly does provide even more than we can imagine.
You've been in my thoughts and prayers this week...you'll continue to be in 2009!

Patrice said...

We were just talking about you tonight, my cousin and I and hoping that you made it safe and sound!

I am so glad to hear that you are safe with your kiddo's with you!

Sara@ Butterville said...

I called you today, you've been in my thoughts so many times these days. Again I'm sorry...
I wish I could have been there . and been there when you all ate cake!:)
Come by and "see" me. I vlogged today.

Ron said...

wonderful news .. and with so many sending your name up in prayers .. God was moved with compassion ..

He IS an awesome God!

forever folding laundry said...

I'm so happy for you. Congratulations for being home...may 2009 be a blessed year for you!

Amy said...

thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great new year. Thanks for sharing.

Growin' with it! said...

man i love it when He does that! how He shows off and wows us and everyone around us! i can hear it/read it in your voice/blog...you've begun to taste that which is good and wonderful and peaceful and...i'm just grinning for you carolynn. and although the road ahead sounds like it will be a little overwhelming, at least it won't be as hard as before.

my goodness Lord God, Y.O.U are iiiiiincredible!☺

eternallyhuckdoll said...

I am so happy for you. May '09 bring hope, reflection, letting go, new beginnings and joy to you and your family. Many ((HUGS)).

Aunt Kat said...

Home again, home again, riggidy jig! :::doin' the happy dance here!:::

Dawn said...

God is truly amazing... in ways we can't even comprehend!!!

So glad you are home. Wishing you much joy and contentment in 2009!


Susan said...

So glad to hear that the move went well and that God, in all His glory, showed up in countless ways. We serve an amazing Saviour!

minnesotamom said...

I wish I could have been in town to help, but it is just miraculous to see how God provided for you. I shouldn't be astonished--He really does do more than we can ask or imagine, doesn't He?

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love it when you get a little respite from the trials.

Wishing you the best and brightest new year!!

Erin K. said...

I was thinking of you and praying for you on Christmas and the day after; I'm so excited to hear that God showed up in a big way!!