Friday, January 9, 2009


Tell me, bloggy friends, that you've seen the movie Australia. I have. A couple times. Well, no more like a few. Alright still a fib, more like a handful. Fine, alright I confess; 8. That's right I said I've seen it eight times in the theater.

In my defense, I had a gift card and I used it to hide out while X had my children for visitation, then like any good friend I had to take a few friends to share the awesomeness, but yeah... we're talking a wee tiny bit obsessed. Course, nothing new there... anyone that came over from my last blog knows I'm a tad OCD.

So, anyway, Australia is the best movie I've seen in years. Sure it's almost 3 hours long, but tell me the last movie that was worth the admission price, let alone more for your money. For me it was reminiscent of Gone With The Wind (I'm a huge fan) and Pearl Harbor (same here) tossed together with shots you only get from Planet Earth and a fantastic score. What's not to love?

Matinees are $5.00. You know what I'm gonna tell you about concessions because, who loves you baby? Go to the Dollar Store and load up the big purse. Bada bing, you've got a full afternoon of entertainment for less than $10.00.

The endearing bonus is that Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and the love of a mother get weaved into the heart of this story. Need I say more?

Shooting For Nine,


Nan said...

Oh yes Australia,it was a great way to spend a cold, blustery, Saturday afternoon. But, you need to get there on time so you don't have to sit in the front row of the theater. My eyeballs got a good work out for three hours...back and forth across the big screen. That was the best I have ever seen N.K., and my friend Ill say it again, Hugh is, hmmmm, quite possibly the reason a girl would go see it the 9th time. 0-) Much Love!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I have never seen it but I love Gone with The Wind.
Thanks for the tip :)

Sara@I.Sass said...

Rob and I were going to go see it. But the fact that the movie was 3+hours and then add the 20 minutes of commercials/previews...and it was a 7PM showing kinda killed it. But maybe if we go in the afternoon...that would be wnoderful. I'm scared though that I'll spend the rest of my day biting my toungue at how hot Hugh is! Not that Rob is ugly, he's not...but he doesn't look like THAT without a shirt. I wouldn't be blogging if he did! Ahem.
And the children would be off to bed every night @ 6:30PM. ;)

forever folding laundry said...

I did hear that Australia was amazing! Plus, Hugh Jackman is in it, so how bad could it be??? =)

Glad you're out having some fun!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Ack. I finally figured out that you don't show up in Google REader anymore now that you went private, so I'm glad I stopped by to check on you and sad I've missed out on your recent adventures. No, I haven't seen Australia, but I'm glad to be back under your willow tree!

minnesotamom said...

I really liked it. It was the first movie I've seen in a theater since winter of '05 (I know, so sad), but I thought it was endearing. I must've cried 4 or 5 times!

Octamom said...

Haven't see it yet but am anxious to! Love the concessions tip!

Hee hee!

Debbie said...

I haven't been to the theater in years - and then it was to see a kid movie. But, I will be sure to rent this on DVD when the time comes. Thanks for the tip.