Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Eat Your Brownie

I logged on to blog and couldn't think of a single thing to write. It felt really good to read all of yours, even if I have demoted myself to lurking, because I'm just so tired. Happy, blessed, but tired. So I dug through my old blog and this one really spoke to me... I'm finally to the place where I can pick and choose which parts of my past I want to bring with me into my fresh start; this is one of them.

Last year when my oldest son was on vacation with Grandma in Florida, a storm moved through one night. She was in another room, he was eating a brownie at her kitchen table, when the power went out. She heard him scoot his chair back right away; to get up and go where, it's hard to say. She called out, "Just eat your brownie." He replied with a "huh?" Here comes wisdom. Her response was, "well so what if the lights went out, you still know where you are at the table, and your brownie still tastes good, even in the dark." Genius.

Stay with me here, is that not deep? At the very least life applicable? Next time someone starts complaining (yes, even you and me), say, "just eat your brownie." Be grateful for what you do have when the lights go out; don't consider your blessing lost just because your circumstances have darkened.

She's One Smart cookie Brownie,



Patrice said...

W-O-W, yep that's deep!! HE he! I love it!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Carolynn - yes! So applicable to every aspect of life. Genius, indeed. The blessings ARE still there even amidst darkened circumstances.

Sara@i.Sass said...

I can't find my brownie pan to make me some brownies! HA.
Great post C!
Now I really am going to go find that pan and if I don't I'll get me one a Walmart cause I need a scarf for tomorrow.

Erin K. said...

Great food for thought. :-) Next time I get worried or want to complain because the lights go out (so-to-speak) I'll definitely remember this!

I hope things are going well for you as you continue to adjust to the work/daycare routine.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That was pretty genius. And she's right, brownies taste just as good when I am shoving them in my mouth at 1:34 a.m. as they do at noon.
Also.. on your post below? I am the same way. My husband found me sleeping on the floor one morning when I got up to do yoga. Guess I was real relaxed.

found you on 3 bayb chicks!

Debbie said...

I miss you when you aren't on! I hope everything is going well for you, my sweet friend.

Granny on the Web said...

I have enjoyed reading through your blogs and it heartens me to find your trust in the Lord is so strong. In his care you will come to no harm.
May he bless you in your endeavours and guide you forward.
You are blessed to have his love in your heart.
Your babies are blessed with you as their mother.
Love Granny

Brooke said...

I happened upon your blog from Domestically Challenged's. I love the name of your blog and the idea behind it. And yes, Grandma is one smart brownie :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Beautiful. So much better than "keep a stiff upper lip". Who wants stiff lips?