Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There are days I'm sure the world could fix itself if everyone adopted a Mayberry state of mind.

What is the world coming to when delivery drivers are being robbed at gunpoint??

But then I am reminded that even Mayberry had crime... they had a Sheriff, a Deputy and a frequently used jail, after all. I'm supposed to hear back about a job tomorrow. It's an administrative job with a national Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel in college campuses. Things are really starting to look up! I still have a long way to walk, but I feel like I'm finally out of the tunnel.

I'm going to open my blog back up soon too. Bit by bit, step by step, I'll make my own Mayberry... and I'm The Sheriff.


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Growin' with it! said...

aww you are MUCH cuter than "barney fife"! love hearing how things are looking up!